Irvin Pascal (b. 1987) is a multi-disciplinary practitioner of art forms including performance, painting, collage and sculpture utilising his own unique material Pascollar, He is engaged in an exploration of his African and Caribbean roots through the representation of the black body, the nature of masculinity, sexuality, personal agency, the place of community and the reverberations of art history.

Irvin Pascal holds a BA in Architecture (2008) and MA Fine Art from the University of Brighton (2017). 

In 2017 he was included in Bloomberg New Contemporaries and in 2020 he created a performance - Royal XX XX - at the Royal Academy of Arts (London).

Notable recent exhibitions include: Grand Style X (2022), Simchowitz Gallery, LA (2022); Motherland (2022), Firetti Gallery, Dubai; The Nenaissance, Niki Cryan, Lagos (Eko Atlantic), Nigeria (2019); Young Monsters, curated by Marcelle Joseph, Lychee One, London (2019); The Sweetest Taboo, GNYP Gallery, Berlin (2018).